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Adjustable Spreader Bar

Adjustable Spreader Bar
Adjustable Spreader BarAdjustable Spreader BarAdjustable Spreader Bar


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Splay your subject out just how you want them with this Adjustable Spreader Bar from Sportsheets. Made of sturdy black anodized aluminum, this bar features nickel-free metal hardware and expands from 28.5" to 37". It has clips on each end to attach wrist or ankle cuffs, allowing you to easily separate someone's limbs, while a D ring in the center of the bar can be attached to a collar. Although used most often for BDSM activities, a spreader bar can also serve as a unique position aid. For instance, to raise someone's legs during penetration.

Bonus: this spreader bar breaks down easily for travel and storage and is marked with index lines for simple and quick assembly.

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