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B Ball Uno

B Ball Uno
B Ball UnoB Ball UnoB Ball UnoB Ball UnoB Ball Uno


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Put a little bounce in your butt with the Fun Factory B Ball Uno! Anytime you move, the weighted ball inside the B Ball Uno bounces, rolls, and rumbles in response! With a pleasingly round shape and a flexible base that fits snugly between your cheeks, this butt plug is as comfortable as it is stimulating. Made of non-porous 100% silicone, it's also body-safe and incredibly easy to clean.

The play possibilities are endless: press a powerful vibrator against the B Ball Uno's base and feel the inner ball respond, wear it during partnered sex for an extra feeling of fullness and sensation, add some extra pizazz to a spanking, or simply wear the B Ball Uno throughout the day for a secret thrill.

B Ball Uno measures 2.8" long, 1.5" in diameter at its widest.

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