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Barber Strap with Oak Handle

Barber Strap with Oak Handle
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Need a new tool for punishment and/or encouragement? The Barber Strap features a single piece of 1/4" thick leather securely fastened to a solid oak handle. The flexible, sturdy leather produces a significant smack against the skin. There is a slight difference in texture between the face and the back of the strap, so each side feels a bit different in use. Entire item measures 3" wide and 20" long; leather strap measures 14" long. Handle is sealed with a furniture quality finish.

This toy is handmade by Paddle Daddy, a one-man operation based in southern Oregon. Paddle Daddy's goal is to provide kinky toys that are aesthetically pleasing, reliable, functional, and safe. He brings many years of experience in furniture design and building to his work, and all of his product designs are tested by experienced BDSM players to ensure they meet his high standards of excellence.

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