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Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out

Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out


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A groundbreaking work of LGBT literature that takes an honest look at the life, love, and struggles of transgender teens through personal interviews and portraits.

"I've always loved my body, and now I love it even more because it fits how I feel." ―Jessy

"Transition? Everyone goes through one kind of transition or another. We go through transitions every day. Except mine is maybe a little more extreme." ―Mariah

"My family was okay with me being gay, but trans was a different issue for them. I think a lot of it was because they had no experience with it." ―Luke

For Beyond Magenta, author and photographer Susan Kuklin met and interviewed six transgender or gender-neutral young adults and used her skills to represent them thoughtfully and respectfully before, during, and after their personal acknowledgment of gender preference.

Portraits, family photographs, and candid images grace the pages, illustrating the emotional and physical journey each youth has taken. Photos are paired with honest discussions and stories from the subjects. Sometimes joyful, sometimes heartbreaking, each story is completely different from the other because of family dynamics, living situations, gender, and the transition these teens make in recognition of their true selves.

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