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Biker Boys: Gay Erotic Stories

Biker Boys: Gay Erotic Stories
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A long, hard ride from start to finish, Biker Boys features easy riders, stuntmen studs, and men who aren't just wearing chaps because they look good. The term "biker" describes a specific archetype in our culture: "real" men — rebels, outlaws, and sometimes criminals. The racy stories of Biker Boys evoke the passion these masculine men have for their cycles and each other. Shane Allison's "Biker Dude" thrills with the tale of a hungry young man on the prowl who meets the leather daddy of his dreams. A hot new neighbor gets taken for a spin in T. Hitman's "Ziggy." During a rough and tumble three-way at a bike rally, a first-timer learns the ropes in "Sturgis Bang," by Logan Zachary. These sensational stories by the masters of the genre are filled with sex, speed, danger, and lived-in leather.

Includes stories from Simon Sheppard, Landon Dizon, T. Hitman, Shane Allison, Christopher Pierce, Michael Bracken, Wayne Mansfield, Dale Chase, Xan West, Jay Starre, Rob Rosen, Logan Zachary, Derrick Della Giorgia, Pepper Espinoza, Dusty Taylor, Wade Johnson, and Jeff Mann.

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