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Chin Up, Dreamboat! Coloring Book

Chin Up, Dreamboat! Coloring Book
Chin Up, Dreamboat! Coloring BookChin Up, Dreamboat! Coloring BookChin Up, Dreamboat! Coloring Book


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We love each other, and sometimes we don't work out. Sometimes it's funny; sometimes it's sad; sometimes we just need some encouraging words to get through. Chin Up, Dreamboat! is the must-have creative companion for lesbian breakups. This coloring book is full of drawings of queer people navigating life after heartbreak, with corresponding affirmative messages such as "Miriam got flowers today! For herself!" and "Take a break and get a snack. Your love may have been temporary, but snacks are forever."

Chin Up, Dreamboat! was created by Nawwal Moustafa, a comedian and illustrator from Portland. Nawwal was motivated to create Chin Up, Dreamboat after realizing the comical nature of her own lesbian breakup, and realizing that she was certainly not alone. Her goal with the coloring book was to create something original that people can relate to, especially when they need it.

Chin Up, Dreamboat! is a funny, yet tenderhearted approach to dealing with lesbian breakups, but can be enjoyed by queer people and allies alike. If you've ever loved and lost, you will find something to relate to in this coloring book!

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