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Creative Kisses

Creative Kisses


Code: ent0292

By: Entrenue

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101 unique ways to kiss your lover! Whenever you want to spice up your lip-locking, select a card and give your lover a creative kiss. Box contains 101 mini cards with silly and fun kiss ideas in English, Spanish, French, and German. Ideas include:

MYSTERY FLAVOR KISS: Buy a mixed bag of candy. Take turns closing your eyes, while the other eats a piece. Kiss and try to guess the flavor.

THIRD TIME IS A CHARM KISS: Kiss your lover poorly twice and then impress with a passionate third kiss.

ON FIRE KISS: Grab your lover and kiss while you stop, drop and roll (as if you are on fire together).

LOST AT SEA KISS: Kiss your lover as if you have just returned from being lost at sea for three months.

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