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Crystal Delights Crystal Twist (Ultra Orange)

Crystal Delights Crystal Twist (Ultra Orange)
Crystal Delights Crystal Twist (Ultra Orange)Crystal Delights Crystal Twist (Ultra Orange)


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Topsy and turvy, twisty and curvy, that's the Crystal Delights Crystal Twist. Beautifully handcrafted glass spirals around in an alluring pattern, created for the purpose of stimulating all of your internal nerve endings as it twists deeper and deeper into you. Stunningly crystal clear (with a Swarovski crystal to top it all off), this toy is magnificently designed to give you pleasure, pleasure, and a bit more pleasure.

This toy is different from your average dildo – rather than being thrust in and out, it was designed around the concept of being twisted gently into your body. This unique sensation can provide waves of ecstasy, and it is safe for both vaginal and anal use. Twist yourself to a whole new definition of pleasure!

5.9 " long, 5.1" insertable, 1.6" diameter.

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