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Crystal Delights Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail

Crystal Delights Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail
Crystal Delights Minx Magnetic Bunny TailCrystal Delights Minx Magnetic Bunny Tail


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Hey honey bunny, hop to it! With this delightful tail in your tush, you'll be turning heads as you hop here and there and everywhere! The classic Crystal Delights glass butt plug now has a perfect poof of a bunny tail to give it even more sass and style. In addition to the pleasure you’ll get from the plug, your posterior will be perfectly pet-able, and who doesn't adore getting some extra loving?

Crystal Delights toys are made in the USA of carefully crafted and hardened borosilicate glass, which is smooth, sturdy, and great for temperature play. The tear-drop shaped bulb aids in ease of insertion and the stem is crafted to heighten comfort and pleasure. A flared base keeps the plug safely outside of the body, enabling it to be easily retrieved, guided, and removed.

The tail on this piece is detachable; it has a small magnet in the center which attaches to the plug. Please note: this product uses real fur.

Plug measures 3.4" long, 2.8" insertable, 1.3" in diameter bulb.

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