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Because It Feels Good




In our sophisticated, liberated, Sex and the City age, women are eager to enjoy sex to the fullest. But for many women, it's not quite that easy. In fact, Men's Health columnist Debby Herbenick receives thousands of letters and emails from women across the country who admit to having less than spectacular sex lives — and they're looking for advice.

Herbenick is the kind of confidante every woman longs for — a sex advisor who is as approachable as a girlfriend and as knowledgeable as a sex educator. At the core of her advice is the belief that sex should be fun, satisfying, and intimate — but first and foremost, it should simply feel good. From enlightening lessons on female anatomy to the complicated issue of libido to an overview of sex toys and positions, Because It Feels Good informs women about every aspect of sexual function, providing the knowledge they need to have the sex lives they deserve. This is a pleasure manifesto — and your handbook to a great sex life.

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