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Make Me Melt Wax Play Candles

Make Me Melt Wax Play Candles
Make Me Melt Wax Play CandlesMake Me Melt Wax Play Candles


Code: eld0019

By: Eldorado

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Perfect for titillating BDSM fun, these wax play candles from Icon Brands have just a tingle of heat when dripped, creating a burst of sensation upon skin contact and then quickly cooling and hardening. Crafted in beautifully erotic colors for a classically sensual visual experience, this inexpensive pack of 4 candles is a wonderful introduction to sensation play with hot wax.

If you're unfamiliar with wax play, we highly recommend grabbing The Toybag Guide to Hot Wax and Temperature Play for tips and guidance. Please note: candle should be a minimum of 36 inches from skin to allow wax to cool before contact. Test-drip on back of hand first before using.

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