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OxBalls Cocksling #2

OxBalls Cocksling #2
OxBalls Cocksling #2OxBalls Cocksling #2OxBalls Cocksling #2OxBalls Cocksling #2OxBalls Cocksling #2


Code: oxb0001

By: OxBalls

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One of the most popular cock rings made by OxBalls, the Cocksling #2 has been updated and refined to provide the most comfortable, effective user experience possible. This dual ring encircles the penis and balls simultaneously, lifting the package and creating a tight grip. The lower hole squeezes the base of the balls while the upper hole keeps the penis erect and enhances sensation.

Made of super-stretchy body-safe TPR (thermoplastic rubber) in a new sturdier formula, the openings in the Cocksling #2 have also been re-shaped for an even better fit. The updated design has more material in areas that get more stretch.

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