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OxBalls Penetrator

OxBalls Penetrator
OxBalls PenetratorOxBalls PenetratorOxBalls PenetratorOxBalls Penetrator


Code: oxb0003

By: OxBalls

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Meet the Penetrator by OxBalls! This unique toy could best be described as a dildo attached to a cock ring. You strap the ring around your penis and testicles, then the dildo rests on top of your shaft. Do with it what you will — it's designed for double penetration in a single orifice, but could work for double penetration in two orifices, or single penetration if you want to give your penis a rest and continue the fun with the attached dildo.

Measuring 7" long from base to tip, the Penetrator is made of OxBalls' platinum-cure silicone, in a flexible yet firm formulation that is both body-safe and realistic. The underside of the dildo is slightly concave as to allow the toy to sit comfortably on top of a penis, and the medium-firm cock ring portion stretches to fit most folks.

7" long, 6.1" insertable, dildo measures 1.6" in diameter.

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