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Rabbit Bullet

Rabbit Bullet
Rabbit BulletRabbit BulletRabbit BulletRabbit BulletRabbit BulletRabbit Bullet


Code: jej0010

By: Je Joue

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Don't be fooled by this vibrator's cute form — it also packs a nice punch! Choose from five vibration intensities and seven patterns, from a gentle purr to a deep buzz — the soft and flexible ears hug the clitoris with sensation. Totally seamless and made with smooth silicone, the Rabbit Bullet is USB rechargeable and waterproof, with an easy to use 3-button interface and a motor set to a low frequency to give it oh-so-low rumbling vibrations.

To charge, simply lift the silicone flap at the end of the toy and insert the micro USB cable. Make sure you firmly press the silicone cap back into place to keep the toy watertight.

Measures 5" long, 1.1" in diameter at widest. Comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

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