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Handcrafted by the staff at Vixen Creations, sleek and sparkly Raquel is the only non-realistic VixSkin dildo. VixSkin is a unique dual-density silicone formulation characterized by a plush outer layer over a solid inner core. This material makes for an effortless and exceedingly comfortable experience.

Raquel moves with your body and does not jostle and prod at your insides. The supple, rotund head has just enough give and holds up to the most vigorous activity. Raquel is a wonderful toy for anyone who wants deep yet yielding P-spot or G-spot stimulation. Plus, there's a suction cup built into the base!

7 1/2" long, 1 1/2" in diameter.

  • Made of the safest 100% premium silicone
  • Durable and luxurious, does not break down or degrade
  • Warms and retains body heat
  • Non-porous and phthalates free
  • Non-slip base for use with harness
  • Solid inner core for functional use
  • Unbeatable lifetime warranty

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