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Seagrape Massage Candle

Seagrape Massage Candle
Seagrape Massage CandleSeagrape Massage CandleSeagrape Massage Candle


Code: sea0005

By: Sea Grape

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Made with soy wax, shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, and various essential oils, the locally-made Seagrape Massage Candle is the perfect component to a relaxing night. Simply allow the candle to burn and then pour the warm liquid directly onto the skin for massage.

Sweet Musk: A sweet and spicy candle with notes of clove, patchouli, and lavender, sure to leave you wanting more. Earthy yet delicate, this is a scent that suits many people very well.

Dark & Sexy: Lightly scented with essential oils of black pepper and ylang ylang, this aphrodisiac soy candle will leave you weak in the knees, soft and completely relaxed.

Exotic Fields: Relaxing notes of fresh peppermint with subtle undertones of rosemary, lemon, and spicy clove will melt all tension and stress. Light this candle and transform your day into a balanced and peaceful moment.

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