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Sili Saddle

Sili Saddle
Sili SaddleSili SaddleSili SaddleSili SaddleSili SaddleSili SaddleSili Saddle


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Talk about versatile! The Sili Saddle is a cushy, contoured silicone pad that cups the vulva for a wide variety of uses. Designed specifically to provide gentle stimulation, it can be used as a manual stimulator, protective cushion during strap-on play, vulvar pain aid, and more.

The Sili Saddle is handmade in Canada from pure, certified skin-safe silicone. It's excellent for solo stimulation and enhances partnered intimacy, acting as a soft yet stimulating barrier when skin-on-skin friction is uncomfortable. Great as a non-vibrating pleasure pad for vulvas, the Sili Saddle also acts as a fabulous bumper for strap-on play to reduce pubic bruising, or try using it as a buffer between you and your wand vibrator.

A wonderfully fun and versatile multi-tasker, the Sili Saddle was originally developed to soothe delicate tissues when dealing with extra sensitivity due to dryness or irritation. It can be safely heated or cooled (holding hot or cold for up to five minutes) and, because it's safe and comfortable to use directly against even moist mucosal tissues, it's a perfect barrier when used with conventional cold and hot packs for longer temperature treatments. Sili Saddle is boilable and dishwasher safe. Measures 3.75" long, 3" wide.

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