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Small Wooden Paddle (Wenge)

Small Wooden Paddle (Wenge)


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Give a spanking in style with this hand-crafted, locally-made wooden paddle! Impeccably finished with smooth, rounded edges for comfort and safety, this sturdy impact toy covers a nice amount of surface area and produces a satisfying thwack sound upon contact. The sensation is quite thuddy, and even a small swing of the paddle can create a considerable smack.

This paddle is handcrafted in Wenge, a dark wood with subtle grain accents in dark chocolate brown. It has a medium density and is quite hard. Measures 10 1/2" by 3 1/4". Coated in a furniture quality finish, it's truly built to last.

This paddle is handmade by Paddle Daddy, a one-man operation based in southern Oregon. Paddle Daddy's goal is to provide kinky toys that are aesthetically pleasing, reliable, functional, and safe. He brings many years of experience in furniture design and building to his work, and all of his product designs are tested by experienced BDSM players to ensure they meet his high standards of excellence.

When purchasing this paddle, remember that wood is a natural product and, as such, will have variations in color and grain pattern. Paddle Daddy makes every attempt to keep a consistent look in the quality of the wood used in their paddles, but no two pieces of wood are exactly the same.

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