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Spanking Set

Spanking Set


Code: sea0002

By: Sea Grape

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Made locally here in Portland! A super sexy and convenient kit that's got what you need for a happy spanking!

Kit includes:

1 handmade leather slapper
1 spanking powder
1 edible cocoa honey dust with feather
1 massage candle sample (deep light=lavender & orange)

Powder your bottom's bottom lovingly with the silky smooth spanking powder to ensure a smooth and fun filled adventure. The cloud stirred up by the powder creates a fun and playful way to use your hand or any toy... like the lovely leather slapper included in the kit.

Follow with some sweet teasing or aftercare. Dust your sweetie with the honey dust and kiss it off lovingly. Or give them a warm back rub with the soy massage candles included in your kit.

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