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Stronic Eins

Stronic Eins
Stronic EinsStronic EinsStronic EinsStronic EinsStronic EinsStronic Eins


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You haven't felt anything like this before! The Fun Factory Stronic is the first ever “pulsator” sex toy, equipped with a new patented technology which allows the device to thrust, not vibrate. The Stronic silently rocks back and forth using a complex weighted device instead of a motor, making it the most unique toy to hit the market in over a decade. It is also made of pure silicone, rechargeable, and fully submersible.

Stronic thrusts using 10 different rhythms, all accessible with the + and – back-lit buttons. The programs offer rhythms ranging from a long, slow and penetrating thrust to an ultra rapid back and forth motion. The red FUN button turns the toy on and off, and offers the possibility of locking the controls completely for discreet transport.

Stronic stands 9” tall, with a silicone insertable portion measuring 5” long. Its diameter ranges from 1.4” along the shaft to 1.75” at the base.

See the Stronic in action here:

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