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Stud Hunters, Candida Royalle

Stud Hunters, Candida Royalle
Stud Hunters, Candida RoyalleStud Hunters, Candida Royalle


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In this film directed by Candida Royalle, erotic film director Carla Divine and her star, Giselle Lorngette, head east to New York City to hunt for the perfect new stud for their next movie. Dozens of guys show up to audition, but things don't go smoothly, as Carla tries desperately to keep her wannabe studs on the set and off the casting couch! Things spin hilariously out of control, but in the end, the director has her revenge in the most enviable ways! This satirical look at the adult entertainment business spoofs every aspect of XXX, from the backstage shenanigans to the egos, fans, paparazzi... and even Candida Royalle herself!

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