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The Toybag Guide to Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies

The Toybag Guide to Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies


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By: Ingram

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An essential quick reference guide to minor and major emergencies that can take place during play — from scrapes to emotional freakouts to fires — plus how to set up a cost-effective first aid kit and other emergency supplies for the sexually adventurous.

Toybag Guides are portable, 4x6" quick reference books containing at least as much information as you could get from a full day's workshop on the topic taught by one of the leaders in the scene. This guide is written by Jay Wiseman, world-famous author of SM 101 and Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook. Wiseman has more than 30 years of experience in SM and was one of the early pioneers and builders of the SM community in the San Francisco area. A former ambulance crewman with years of experience, and holder of one of the highest awards for lifesaving action, he continues to be heavily involved as an SM author, educator, mentor, workshop leader, expert witness, and activist.

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